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Today's Drive - Tantra for Love

In this day and age, it seems very many couples are not satisfied with their sex life, especially in America. We are taught that a sexual encounter involves a few hot and steamy kisses and then it's off to intercourse and's over.

No wonder few couples stay together very long and men and women are continually searching for that "right one". Could it be that maybe the difficulty lies in our very foundation of thinking and viewing of life? What is tantric lovemaking? Tantra is not just a sexual practice, but rather a whole way of living practice. It's getting in touch with the energy that flows from God or the universe and allowing it to manifest in your being. It is about weaving the human to the divine and man and woman to one another. Tantric love making is in sharp contrast to western sex. What we see in porn, read in magazines, and hear from others is simply sex. Only sex. How completely unfulfilling! I liken the typical sex act of most couples to two dogs mating. The boy hops on the girls back and just as soon as it starts, it's over! Tantra is just the opposite. In tantra, there is NO GOAL. Where as here in America, we are always seeking the "orgasm" as that is our destination or goal.

Tantra says, "The JOURNEY, is the GOAL, the JOURNEY is the DESTINATION. There are no preconceived ideas or absolutes, only enjoyment in the whole wonderful experience of lovemaking." We ride through valleys and travel up peaks, we view the scenery and marvel at its artistry. We slow down to taste the delicacies. We lay in the grass to be enveloped by the gentle brushing of the breeze as it rolls over our body. We listen eagerly to our partners needs and wants. Are we traveling too fast, too slow, should we stay here a while, or are we ready to climb to the summit? Don't you want the beauty of a 4-6 hour road trip, rather than the typical 30 minute road trip? I know you do! We all do! We all deserve the exquisite and delicious exploration that tantric lovemaking offers! I would like to share much more, but time does not allow. In the next blog I will share about the woman's role and how we can persuade our men to travel with us more easily by using our divine nature of femininity. That's gonna be good! ❤️

Sexy 1920's couple