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Today's Drive - Be Kind Towards Your Ex

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Yesterday my daughter showed me a Facebook thing. It was one of those little pictures with a phrase at the bottom. It said something to the effect of, "If you get jealous when you see your ex with his girlfriend, just remember that your parents always taught you to give away your used toys to the less fortunate." I think I was suppose to laugh, but I didn't. It made me sad. It made me sad to think that an ex wife would have such disdain, anger, and jealously towards a man she once embraced and loved. I decided to separate from Eric for various reasons, and I'm sure he will do everything possible to correct those, as he would not want another relationship to go sour. Likewise, I have problems that I am working on in order to not bring those into another relationship. My point is, the man or woman who was once in a relationship, is probably not the same person now, in this new relationship. We change. We evolve and grow as we begin the process of recovering from divorce or really, any of life's storms! How can we not be hit by a tidal wave, driven to the bottom, thrashed about, only to rise to the surface alive and well? How can that not change a person? I want to change! I want to strive to be a better mom, friend, daughter, and sister! I want to work on my problems, I want to improve myself so that I can be a more kind, compassionate, and listening human! I want to love more, I mean...much more! I want to welcome and embrace opportunities that come to me throughout the day...even negative ones...for I can always find a way to personalize self-growth, especially when trials present themselves! I want to change! I think I should create a little picture with a caption. It will say something like this, "When you see your ex with his girlfriend, say hello, compliment her, and smile. Then compliment your ex on choosing such a wonderful woman." ❤️