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Today's Drive - Distraction

Happy Teens
Do you have teens? I have three. Two girls and one boy. I see the amazing potential inside them! They show me their projects, read me their writing, and share their ideas with me which are brilliant! Unfortunately, they seem as if they are unable to take it to the next level.

They are DISTRACTED! Since they have all gotten cell phones in the last couple of years, it seems as if their "fire" has cooled. They still continue in their gifts and passions....but not like before! There was a time when Bekah constantly had a book in her hand. Now, she has a book in one and a cell phone in the other. Matt would write music all night. Now, he writes with long cell phone breaks in between. I myself have some distractions. I can think of two things right now.

When we give way to distractions, we give way to mediocrity. We take our best self and exchange it for the mediocre one. Then, we become like everyone else...I don't want to be like everyone else! I want to be fully engaged in my day! Fully present, fully intentional! When my kids speak, I want to look in their eyes, mouth closed, hands not moving. I have parented NOT fully present and their words end like this,

"Did you hear me? Mom you are not listening, you always do this, please stop."

OUCH....that hurts. We don't want to give that message. When I parent FULLY PRESENT our conversations end with a smile. They are content when walking away...the boys just simply walk away and the girls usually have a tune they sing or hum.

What is causing you distractions? Probably lots of things, and that's ok. Let's just put down, get rid of, and turn away from, the ones that are distracting communication with our immediate family. The ones we go to bed with and wake up with...these are the most important! After we practice being fully present with our immediate family, the universe will gently direct us to someone or something else that needs our FULL attention.