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Today's Drive - Why Not You?

We all struggle to some degree on a daily basis with negative and self defeating thoughts. Sometimes we allow them to play over and over again like a cd. WHY??? We are amazing, beautiful, THANKFUL, energetic, hard working, confident, and more than capable! Just as we allow negative thoughts to play, let us do the same with POSITIVE thoughts! When the poor thoughts come to us, let us be QUICK to push the stop button. How many times a day do we do this? As many times as it takes! AS MANY TIMES AS IT TAKES! We need to work hard at replacing wrong thoughts with right thoughts!

Some woman needs to be kick-ass, motivated, compassionate, driven, hard-working, successful, and beautiful...let it be you! Some woman needs to have a smile for family, friends, and strangers...a kind word...a hug...a listening ear...and an openess to the Universe as it brings wonderful and amazing opportunities her way!