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I am...books (I prefer non-fiction), BREASTFEEDING, family bed, women, empowerment, homemaking, growing, preparing and consuming RAW foods. Weightlifting, cardio, yoga, homeschooling, laying in bed with my kids while drifting off to sleep amidst deep conversations, quality music such as Cat Stevens, Alabama, Marvin Gaye, Strunz & Farah, Jennifer Knapp, Tracy Chapman and Van Halen. Anything DOMESTIC. I loved being a wife and mother, for me, there is nothing better. FEMININE, flowers, pretty dresses found at thrift stores, garage sales. ENCOURAGING others, listening, THANKFULNESS, Universe/God. Homebirth, hanging CLOTH DIAPERS on the line, baby wearing, holding my 4 yog and listening to my 23 yog, turning COMPOST, serving women, honoring all people REGARDLESS of age, race, religion or sexual orientation, EDUCATING myself, NPR, self-sufficiency, food as medicine and sustainable agriculture. Gathering with a tribe of women while drinking Kombucha and breastfeeding our children. LAUGHING.


My first 4 children were birthed at home with a midwife. The next 3 were freebirths. I have breastfed all my kids, nursing up to 3 at one time (enjoyed every second!), and have practiced child-led weaning. I have not stopped breastfeeding in over 20 years. MOTHERING has been GOOD to me!


I have assisted many birthing moms, helped foster new breastfeeding relationships, and have ENCOURAGED women to believe in their ability. US WOMEN ARE DESIGNED TO GIVE BIRTH! OUR BODIES KNOW HOW TO GROW, NOURISH, BIRTH AND FEED OUR CHILDREN. Unfortunately, we are now living in a society that does not place high value on the women’s ability to birth, breastfeed or mother.


Dedicated I am, to encouraging the mother in wellness of MIND, BODY and SPIRIT. Eating REAL FOOD to keep your body WELL, will cause you to FEEL BETTER. When you integrate REAL FOOD with daily EXERCISE, you begin to LOOK BETTER. When you look BETTER, you FEEL BETTER. When you FEEL BETTER, you generate ENERGY, ALIVENESS, CONFIDENCE, HAPPINESS, and MINDFULNESS. When you FEEL BETTER you can’t help that from POURING FORTH from you, into your family. Now your partner and children are feeling BETTER.



You can reach me here: blest.momma@yahoo.com